Helen McGhee

Rugby Coach / Player

Helen is the Youth Convenor for Cooke RFC Girls Section. In May, Helen went above and beyond in her role as a volunteer by organising a Give It A Try event for girls aged 10 – 14. This initiative was run by the IRFU with 3 clubs in Ulster participating. Across 8 weeks, participating local rugby clubs will host training for girls to introduce them to rugby. Helen worked tirelessly to promote the event in Belfast by visiting schools, handing out flyers and sharing on social media. On the first night of the event, over 25 girls took part in training which is the most girls Cooke RFC has ever had out for training! Helen also worked hard on the night to register the participants, coach the session and create a fun atmosphere for all involved. The event has been a huge success with parents and participants commenting on how much the girls enjoy giving rugby a try. We hope this will bolster our small girls youth sections for the coming season. It couldn’t have happened without Helen’s hard work and commitment.