Providing an evidence base to support extending the reach of sport and physical activity.

We re-affirm the need to carry out appropriate research to determine the female participation rates in sports and physical activities and the barriers preventing women from making the active choice to participate. We also commit to learning from research and evaluation by reviewing and acting on recommendations and research findings by being ready to act.

Our consultation events reinforced the importance of prioritising these 4 key areas and the need to develop an action plan with a research, policy and practice focus to support an increase in female participation. By supporting the creation of new, relevant and innovative ways of packaging and promoting opportunities for being more active – we will make participating in sport and physical activity a more relevant and appealing offer for women and girls.



Currently, the Female Sports Forum has an extensive database of research on women’s sports and Northern Ireland-specific data. Although we are still working on creating a final home for this information on the website, we wanted to inform NISF members that this valuable data is available. If you’re interested in accessing any of this data or need assistance in finding research on related topics such as Mental Health, Inclusion, NI programs policy/other community organizations, coaching teenage girls, or e-learning courses, please feel free to contact via email.