This pledge is addressed to all stakeholders of female sport in Northern Ireland. To those District Councils, Governing Bodies of Sport, Sports Clubs, Community and Voluntary Organisations, Universities, Further Education and Higher Education Colleges, Schools and individuals who can directly or indirectly influence female participation in sport and physical activity in Northern Ireland.

All stakeholders of female sport will act as policy makers, engage with females and be role models for female sport; leading to a female population in Northern Ireland who are empowered to make the choice to be Active, Fit and Sporty.

There are a number of key actions for change in each of the four key work areas which are detailed below:

1. Media

  • To use media tools to help market and promote awareness of female sports.
  • To hold events celebrating female sporting achievements.
  • To implement an award and recognition scheme to highlight female achievement in sport.

2. Leadership

  • To engage with educational establishments to develop opportunities for future female leaders.
  • To open opportunities for females to gain leadership skills and an appropriate level of leadership experience.

3. Role Models

  • To utilise identified role models in various sporting areas.
  • To produce promotional materials to increase the profile of female role models.
  • To identify and promote our female role models (ambassadors) across a variety of settings including participation, coaching and officiating, leadership and performance athletes.

4. Research and Evaluation

  • To actively contribute to research and evaluation on female participation in sport.
  • To help develop and establish baseline figures for participation.
  • To identify barriers to participation and develop preventative measures.

We commit to taking positive action to make a change for female sport across Northern Ireland.

We as a group look forward to working in partnership with all to achieve positive action for change!

Read the full strategy – Women & Girls: Active, Fit & Sporty

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