Five Governing Bodies joined forces in January 2010 to establish the “Female Sport Forum” to work together to increase opportunities for females to participate in sport and physical activity. Our aim is to raise the profile of female sport and create a better sporting experience for all women and girls at whatever level or ability across Northern Ireland.

The forum is a unique collaboration between Ulster Hockey, Ulster Camogie, Ulster Ladies Gaelic, Ulster Rugby and the Irish Football Association. We are supported by Sport Northern Ireland, the Northern Ireland Sports Forum and Ulster University.

Our Vision

Our Vision is for every woman and girl across Northern Ireland to feel that participating in sport and being physically active is a vital part of their everyday life.

The Female Sports Forum is committed to increasing female participation in sport and active recreation and ensuring that all females are given the opportunity to take part in sport and active recreation, no matter what their age, ability, race or creed. By participation we mean coaching, leading, officiating as well as being physically active – by choosing either sport or active recreation.

We are focused on raising the profile of female sport, and on empowering females to make the choice to be active, in an activity of their choosing.

We want every woman and girl to be Active, Fit and Sporty.

We commit to taking positive action to make a change for female sport across Northern Ireland.

We as a group look forward to working in partnership with all to achieve positive action for change!

Read the full strategy – Women & Girls: Active, Fit & Sporty

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