Role Model- Victoria Catterson

Role Model- Victoria Catterson

Victoria Catterson


Swimming is a sport that requires dedication. It entails early mornings and very few days off, particularly in the competitive stages. Victoria Catterson, who swims for the Ulster Performance Centre, is well acquainted with this demanding schedule. The typical routine involves waking up at 5 am for practice, with the day often beginning and ending in darkness during the winter. However, her hard work is starting to pay off this year, as she has qualified for the World championships, broken an individual Irish Record, and participated in the Commonwealth Games.

Among her many swimming experiences, the Commonwealth Games hold a special place in Victoria’s heart. The close-knit Northern Ireland team created a fun and supportive environment, given the small size of the NI much of the team knew each other. As well as qualifying for a final and breaking a 25-year-old record, the Commonwealth Games was a successful meet for Victoria.  Victoria draws inspiration from her teammates, both those who challenge her in practice and competitions, and those who have paved the way before her. This camaraderie elevates the level of competition and keeps her focused. One of her role models is Danielle Hill, who has qualified for the Tokyo Olympics. Victoria admires Danielle’s exceptional skills and aspires to reach her level.

Victoria is currently enjoying a successful season in the pool and has recently completed her university degree as well. She sets her sights high for the future and aims to qualify for the Olympics, a goal she is well on her way to achieving. Breaking the Irish record in the 200m freestyle with a time of 1:59.80 signifies her progress as she prepares for the World Championships in July. Recognizing the importance of balance, Victoria understands that maintaining an active lifestyle, even outside of competitive swimming, contributes to a routine and keeps one on track. She acknowledges that finding balance doesn’t necessarily require swimming more than 10 times a week.

When offering advice to younger individuals entering the sport, Victoria emphasizes the importance of finding enjoyment. While skill can be beneficial, it only takes one so far. The passion and enjoyment derived from the sporting atmosphere are what truly drive a person to excel. Creating an environment with like-minded individuals enhances the experience. Victoria believes that enjoyment and the people you work with hold greater significance than merely achieving personal bests.

At present, Victoria is relishing her swimming journey and prioritizing her sport. She recognizes that swimming is instilling in her invaluable time management skills and mental toughness that will benefit her future pursuits. It is an exciting time to have Victoria as a role model for the Female Sports Forum. We can’t wait to eagerly cheer her on and the rest of the team when she goes to the World Championships! Thank you, Victoria!