The NI Sports Forum welcomes two new roles

The NI Sports Forum welcomes two new roles

In September, the Northern Ireland Sports Forum welcomed two new full-time members of staff to join the newly appointed Executive Manager, Richard Honeyford. Niamh Mac Manus joined as Member Services Officer and Natalie Niederman joined as Inclusive Participation Officer for Female Sports Forum.

Having previously spent a year in the Sports Forum as a Communications Officer, Niamh brings a wealth of knowledge on the needs of the Sports Forum members as well as an experienced background in social media, advocacy, event planning and administration.

Niamh completed a BSc Hons Degree in Communication Management and Public Relations at Ulster University and recently volunteered with Commonwealth Games Team NI as social media and content creation lead as well as interviewing and managing athletes in the media zones.

Natalie is joining the NI Sports Forum after finishing a master’s in Conflict Transformation and Social Justice at Queen’s University where she focused on Community Programmes and Restorative Justice.

Natalie aims to reinvigorate the Female Sports Forum and any programs that go along with keeping women in Northern Ireland active, fit and healthy. She comes from a swimming background having swum competitively in University at a Division 3 level in the US. Using her background in community building and policy research she plans to find ways to create access for all those hoping to become involved in sports in all capacities throughout Northern Ireland.

Ashley Hunter, Chairperson of the Northern Ireland Sports Forum, said: “I am pleased to welcome both Niamh and Natalie to the NI Sports Forum and expand our team. I am confident that they will succeed in their respective roles and will continue the Sports Forums ethos of supporting, guiding and advocating for sporting bodies and stakeholders in the sector.”

The positions are funded through The Rank Foundation and Department for Communities partnership, The Start Here Programme. The programme secured twenty-seven jobs in sport across Northern Ireland and runs for three years. The NI Sports Forum wish to thank the Rank Foundation and Department for Communities for their continued efforts in creating and supporting jobs in sport in Northern Ireland.

Both Niamh and Natalie can be contacted via email at and