Female Athletes & Role Models Social Media Workshop

As part of our social media training we are providing a workshop for female athlete role models.

Open to all female athletes who act as a role model and can represent their organisation effectively on social media.

This workshop will help these role models to develop their own personal brand, promote their sport, their club and inspire women and girls to get involved and excel in sport. We would encourage you to share this information with athletes you feel would be interested.


This workshop will help alleviate some of the barriers to adopting social media by providing an in-depth tour of the key social media platforms together with tips on avoiding the mistakes others have made and top tricks for you to fully utilise your social media. The goal of this ‘hands on’ workshop is to develop a working knowledge of various platforms, to develop confidence in using these platforms, and to discover which platforms will work for both the athlete and their sports brand building goals.  Social media provides a platform to showcase all the good work that is being done in female sport and to promote the various role models you have within your sporting organisations; this workshop will help you best utilise your social mediaplatforms.

It will help you understand and develop 4 broad areas:

  1. Your brand & how it can develop for You
  2. How you as a role model can represent and benefit your sport/organisation
  3. The role of social media in brand development – Pitfalls and Dangers
  4. How do various platforms fit into Your Brand Strategy: a.Twitter b.Facebook c.Instagram d.Snapchat


DATE: Wednesday 21st March

TIME: 6.30 – 9.00pm

VENUE: Girdwood Community Hub, Belfast

If an athlete from your sport is interested they can register HERE