WOMEN’S SPORT WEEK: Netball NI, Summer Quad Series

Summer Quad Series

The Summer Quad Series  held in Lisburn Racquets Club  reached its final day on Friday 23rd June. The final was held between Northern Ireland and Barbados where Northern Ireland were victorious to win the Quad Series and remain unbeaten.

The 3rd place playoff was held between Ireland and Singapore. Singapore defeated Ireland 48 – 40 to claim 3rd place.

Monday 19th June
Northern Ireland 81 – 24 Singapore
Barbados 55 – 21 Ireland

Tuesday 20th June
Barbados 66 – 35 Singapore
Northern Ireland 68 – 20 Ireland

Wednesday 21st June
Northern Ireland 51 – 35 Barbados
Ireland 37 – 42 Singapore

Friday 23rd June
Ireland 40 – 48 Singapore
Northern Ireland 35 – 33 Barbados

Here at the Female Sports Forum we are very proud to support Netball NI.

check out our highlights package of the final day of the Summer Quad Series  23/06/2017.


This event ran during Women’s Sport Week and had an amazing turn out throughout the whole competition.