Driving cultural change to involve more females in leadership roles

Growing our female participation base needs more coaches, referees, officials and volunteers across all levels of sport and physical activity.

We are particularly interested in the development of our young people as future leaders, innovators and creators of relevant and appealing opportunities for female sport.

It is imperative that we not only strive to increase the workforce but ensure we look after our current workforce, provide opportunities for training and skill development, recognise their ongoing commitment to sport and support through active mentoring programmes.

Read the full strategy – Women & Girls: Active, Fit & Sporty


Developing confident, healthy leaders through sport and physical activity.

The Female Sports Forum is coordinating the delivery of SLUK Sports Leadership Qualifications. Those undertaking this qualification in Sports Leadership will learn and demonstrate important life skills such as effective communication and organisation whilst learning to lead sport and physical activities to younger people, their peers, older generations, those with a disability and within the community. We will be running both level 2 and level 3 accredited Sports Leaders UK Courses.

The courses involve both guided & peer-to-peer learning and supervised leadership to ensure that learners have all the skills they need to lead basic sport and physical activities sessions.

The level 2 qualification is aimed at females who are interested in sport and physical activity and would like to develop their leadership skills and begin their coaching journey. The level 3 qualification is aimed at females already actively involved in leadership or coaching roles within sport and physical activity and are ready to take their sports leadership and coaching practice to the next level.


Female Sports Forum and Podium high Performance Leadership

This programme, a partnership between the Female Sports Forum and Podium Leadership, brings business and elite sport together to collaborate and learn how to deliver world leading and sustainable high performance drawing on powerful lessons, research, and experience from both worlds. Business and elite sport have similar needs, challenges and desires in their ever changing and high pressured environments. This is an initiative where everyone can learn and develop their skills together.

Programme participants are a combination of high Performing female athletes who are leading role models in their sport; CEO’s & Senior Managers from public and private sector organisations.
For these leaders the opportunity to connect with other experienced female leaders who have both the experience and expertise to discuss issues and challenges will make a significant difference to them as individuals.


Female Sports Forum Leadership Development Programme.

The Female Sports Forum Leadership Development Programme commenced in October 2017 and Will run until March 2018. The course is for female representatives from Governing Bodies and organisations of sport and Physical Activity in Northern Ireland. NGB’s and other sporting organisation had the opportunity to nominate an applicant and endorsed their application. The applicant could be a member of staff or a volunteer who is committed to making a positive impact within their sport.

Organisations who are represented on the course include, Athletics NI, Ulster University Students Union, Motorsport Car Club Rally, Northern Cricket Union, Ulster Rugby, Ulster GAA, Ulster Hockey RYANI, Angling, GUI Ulster Golf and Disability Sport NI.

The Leadership Development Programme is being delivered by Jo Hopkins and the workshop topics include:

  • Understanding self
  • Building your strengths – Understanding your network
  • Learning and managing change
  • Resilience for performance; planning my future
  • Developing and Implementing an impact project